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Our best selling pocket square - Kiruna from our original Landscape series is now back in stock!

If you find yourself wearing grey or navy suits, white or pale blue shirts often, our Kiruna square likely goes with most of your outfits. (And if you don’t, what on earth do you usually wear? 🧐)

A big and bold glencheck necktie, balanced out with a blank canvas of a navy suit and pale blue shirt.

Worn: Marling & Evans Brown-Blue Glencheck wool/linen necktie in a lightly lined, six fold construction.

Paired with our Kiruna pocket square, of which restocks are currently en route from Como and should be here next week!

From the workbench: Navy-Cream Prince of Wales necktie in our lightly lined, six-fold construction. Made for C.L’s big day!