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A closer look at the textures of that wool/silk/linen blend in our Moss Green Melange necktie.

A six-fold necktie should be exactly what it says - folded six times over! If you count the creases on the edges (hint: 3 per side), there are exactly 6 folds.

Why is a six-fold tie “better”, you ask? Well, if you ask us, an unlined or lightly lined six fold tie is a pure expression of cloth. All the drape you feel in the tie comes from the characteristics of the fabric - which leaves no room to hide in the case of rubbish fabrics.

A poorer, commercially-made 3-fold tie (that is your average departmental store version) may weigh 3 times as much. But if all the weight and cardboard-like drape comes from a heavy polyester interlining that costs $0.02, this weight means less than that paltry cost.

Appropriate for both grooms and guests alike, our selection of wedding ties are a picture of elegance.

Plus they ensure you don’t show up at a wedding looking like you just came straight from a business meeting!