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From the workbench: final round of checks before this Blue Melange Squares necktie leaves our workshop.

Each and every necktie is inspected to ensure the length and width tallies with the order. More importantly, we check that each tie drapes right and that there are no fabric defects.

It’s always the little things that matter.

Last call for this textured Navy Melange Cashmere necktie in our lightly lined, four fold construction.

We have enough fabric for one piece in any size, and once that’s sold, kaput! You’ll never see it again. Ever.

Head over to our webstore and run a search for it before it becomes a dinosaur!

Worn: Our new Brown-Blue Glencheck in a luxe 70/30% cashmere/silk, made with our lightly lined six-fold construction.

Paired with our Pink-Green Paisley silk twill pocket square and a glass ‘whiteboard’ scribbled with notes on orders to be fulfilled.