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Mark your calendars!

Our popular slight seconds sale happens this Saturday, 27 July 2019, from 1000-1600hrs only.

As usual, all seconds sale items will be sold at a generous 40% discount (with some rounding off for convenience). Defects are most often due to slight fabric weaving or printing imperfections, which are often quite minor. Our loss is your gain!

We have around 200 items for sale, which include several perfect condition ties made from leftover fabrics of our MTO Hopsack and flannel fabric ranges in plain shades, and quite a number of odd-sized (not 3.5" x 57") neckties. Several sample hats and scarves are also available this year.

Please note that the sale is only valid for walk-in purchases at our workshop, and we can only accept cash or NETS payment for seconds sale items.

Come early if you want the best picks - we promise it’ll be worth skipping your brunches for.

Hundreds of rolls of fabrics for your viewing pleasure at our workshop. We’ve been told on more than one occasion that our workshop is the tie lover’s equivalent of Toys “R” Us!

Please note that the workshop will be closed this weekend as we’re off to Penang for a short break to restore a calorie deficit 😬

Business resumes on Tuesday, and our web store remains open 24/7 for uninterrupted shopping!

Summer textures

Worn: Dry and crunchy Brown-White Dot ‘Grenadine’ in our lightly lined, six-fold construction.

Paired with our Landscapes - Kuta pocket square, RAF blue coat in 9oz tropical wool and a handsome mini schnauzer.