Made by Hand

All our products are individually cut by hand, one piece at a time and not in stacks, to ensure precision. We use sharp scissors, and not complicated machinery to cut fabrics.

Our pocket squares are completely cut and sewn by hand. Other than the joining of the blade and the tail with a sewing machine, every part of our neckties are made by hand as well.

This includes hand sewing the continuous slip stitch that joins the tie, the bar tacks that secures the ends, as well as the hand rolling of edges to finish the fabric ends.



Hand Rolled Edges

Our pocket squares are finished with hand rolled edges. Our neckties are untipped and similarly finished.

Hand rolling the edges gives our products a refined, three-dimensional appearance that machine sewing simply cannot achieve. While hand rolling in itself is not rocket science, achieving a luxury finish (with a tight roll and neat, narrow stitches) is a skilled operation that takes over an hour to accomplish.

Most commercially sold pocket squares have edges rolled by machines – which do passable job, but these simply cannot be compared to a skilfully handrolled edge.

Six-fold Construction

Most of our neckties are made with a true six fold construction throughout the length of the tie. Besides the beautifully symmetric look of the folds, the extra silk used (about 3 times the amount of a regular 3 fold tie) gives our six fold neckties more elegant drape. We place our bar tacks higher (about 6″  up from the wide tip and 4″  up from the narrow tip) on the reverse side of the tie so that you can peek at the folds.

As some fabrics are too bulky to make an elegant six fold tie, we sometimes use a four fold construction. These four fold ties are made with the same amount of care as our six fold ties, which is really the hallmark of a well-made necktie.

Minimal Detailing

We have done away with unnecessary elements across our product range. This means that you will not find conspicuous woven brand tags that get in the way, nor tie keepers that you don’t (and shouldn’t) use anyway. Our signature ‘V’ stitches secure the corners of every joining edge – subtle, yet distinctive.

With our neckwear, we aim to make ties that are lively, supple, and most importantly, comfortable to wear. To do so, we use either no interlinings at all, or partially line our ties with a lightweight, springy pure wool interlining imported from Italy.



Top Quality Materials

We use the very best materials and trimmings for every part of our products. This includes the finest speciality woven silks from Vanners and handprinted silks from Adamley in the UK, grenadines from Fermo Fossati and Seteria Bianchi in Italy, as well as traditionally woven silks from Kyoto, Japan.

Trimmings are not overlooked either – we have specially sourced 100% natural finished wool interlining from Italy for incomparable lightness and bounce, and 100% silk thread from Japan or Germany for durability and beauty.

Occasionally when we chance upon some quality deadstock fabric, these will end up as limited pieces of neckties or pocket squares.