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When even the unseen bits are beautiful.

All our neckties are untipped with handrolled edges. Why? Because it’s simply the nicest way to make a tie - in our humble opinion at least.

Pinch and zoom in, and you’ll see that our handrolled edges align precisely with the grainline of the fabric.. silly little things like these don’t matter much to some people, but to us, every detail counts in the pursuit of perfection ✌️

Less than 3 hours left to save 20% off all wool / cashmere / mohair products (yes, picket squares, scarves too) with the code WOOLISCOOL!

Shop our wide range of textured neckties including these lightweight S120’s flannels and much more omw now.

Featuring a unique blend of hemp (75%) and wool (25%), our basketweave and hawkseye range of ties offer a unique texture and drape. Hemp, like linen, offers fluid drape, and wool provides some wrinkle resistance, giving you the best of both worlds.

Now available at 20% off with the discount code WOOLISCOOL until Sunday, 21 Feb 2021 only.