Our Story

With a stubborn belief that we could offer more interesting products with quality that could rival the best in the market, we started selling hand-sewn pocket squares and neckties through Styleforum in early 2010.

Our small venture helped us realize the immense satisfaction we derived from the noble tradition of hand making clothing products of superior craftsmanship; it was then we knew that we had found our calling.

Vanda Fine Clothing was thus founded in 2011, with the mission of creating traditionally handcrafted menswear with subtle flair.

"Meticulous construction, timeless design and tasteful fabrics make up our brand promise of fine clothing."

We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoy making them.

— Diana & Gerald

Our Team

Diana Chan gave up a promising career in a leading luxury hotel group to pursue her dream of infusing beauty and art into fine clothing. Her sewing skills have been steadily honed since a young age, and she was instrumental in realising Gerald’s idea of creating hand-rolled pocket squares from vintage kimono silks.

Gerald Shen graduated summa cum laude with double degrees in business management and economics, but decided to shun numerous lucrative opportunities in the corporate world in pursuit of his passion in quality menswear. With his avid interest in classic menswear and eye for good design, Gerald is in charge of curating our product collections.

Image courtesy of Jeri Collett